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Objectives & Expected Level Of Play By Division


  • In Spring, includes two divisions based on age, T5 and T6.  In Fall, combined into single T-Ball division.
  • Players hit ball from a tee.
  • All players hit each inning.
  • Outs may or may not be recognized.
  • Team size ranges from 6-10 players.
  • Introduces players to basics of batting, throwing, and catching
  • Introduces players to team mechanics of the game, such as base running and throwing to first base
  • League Age 5 and 6

Machine Pitch

  • In Spring, includes two divisions, developmental and rookie.
  • Players hit a ball launched by a coach from a pitching machine, with the player getting 9-10 attempts to hit the ball.
  • Players continue to learn the basics on batting, throwing, and catching.
  • Players progress on game mechanics: running the bases, recognizing outs, throwing the ball to the appropriate base.
  • Developmental MP: League Age 7 and 8
  • Rookie MP: League Age 8 and 9



  • In Spring, Minors includes AA and AAA. In the Fall, these are included in a single Minors division
  • Introduces pitching ("kid pitch").  In AA, following 4 balls, rather than recognizing a base on balls, a coach will pitch to batter to finish the at-bat.  This game mechanic allow for the gradual introduction of player pitching without slowing the game down.
  • Players continue to develop their batting, throwing, and catching
  • Introduces game mechanics of stealing.  There is no stealing home at this age.
  • AA: League Age 8-10
  • AAA: League Age 9-11


  • Official League Little Division
  • Players continue to advance their pitching, batting, throwing, and catching
  • League Age 9-11


  • Generally geared toward players in Middle School
  • Players are introduced to the "big field" (60'/90' fields, rather than the previous 46'/60' fields)
  • League Age 13-14

Middle School

  • Players represent their middle school, and compete against other local middle schools
  • Teams are selected via tryouts
  • League Age 13-14
more information on middle school program


  • Generally geared towards players in High School
  • In Spring, season align to after the high school baseball season finishing, allowing players to play both
  • League Age 14-16


  • Gives intellectual and/or physically challenged boys and girls the chance to enjoy playing the game of baseball.
  • Players participate in an athletic environment that is structured to their abilities.
  • Allows them to enjoy the game of baseball along with millions of other children who participate in the sport worldwide.
  • Located in Ashburn, Dulles Little League (DLL) provides this opportunity for Loudoun County residents.


  • Designed for those Lower Loudoun players who, in addition to participating in the League’s regular spring and fall seasons, want to experience extra baseball in a more competitive environment
  • Not affiliated with Little League
  • Ages 8-14+
more information on Xplosion baseball