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  • Coaches
  • Parents & Players
    • Find out preferred name/nickname
    • Identify which players have played Tball before
  • Field Availability Number (county fields):              (703)777-0456


Medical Release forms

  • Must be available at all practices/games in the event that your child is injured and you are not present


Volunteer Application forms (background checks)

  • All managers, coaches and volunteers who come in close contact with the players must complete a volunteer application form (LLLL President will submit information for background checks)
  • Submitting the form qualifies you for LLLL membership which means that you can vote in the annual elections
  • Found under “Forms and Handouts” section of this website (


LLLL House Rules

  • Found under “Forms and Handouts” section of this website (
  • Familiarize yourself with the guidelines for this level of play


Equipment & Uniforms

  • Bats & Gloves – generally better smaller than larger
  • LLLL will provide helmets for shared use (most parents choose to purchase helmets for their children)
  • All players will receive a team jersey and a baseball cap
    • Jersey sizes are predetermined – we’ll line up the kids by height and distribute accordingly
    • We need to decide if we want player names printed on jerseys and, if so, we will need a team volunteer to coordinate
  • Discount coupons for Dick’s Sporting Goods can be found on the LLLL website



  • Start time at ___ PM week nights and ___ on Saturdays
  • 1 hour – please be on time
  • Bring a water bottle or sports drink (we will take multiple water breaks throughout practice)
  • Structure: instruction, small group drills, game situations, competitions/games
  • Highly recommend parents/guardians stay at the field during practice (if they must leave, you (coach) need to have a Medical Release form and a mobile number where you can reach the parent/guardian)
  • This is a great opportunity to get out on the field with your child and help introduce all the players to the game of baseball



  • Arrive at least 20 minutes before the scheduled start time (this will allow time for warm-ups and to assign field positions)
  • If possible, let the coach know in advance if your child will not be at a game or practice
  • We will need several parents to assist during the games – both on the field and in the dugout
  • No food on the bench during game
  • Players should remain either on the field or in the dugout during the games (no sitting in the stands with parents)
  • Players must be escorted by a parent/guardian to/from the restroom


Team Pictures

  • Inform parents of date/time and special instructions
  • Encourage all players to come to pictures even if they are not planning to purchase a packet – several players will purchase team photos and it is nice to have everyone in the picture



  • Confirm with parents that team snacks will only be provided at games
  • Identify food allergies
  • Identify snack coordinator



  • Decide if parents will purchase for each player
  • If so, identify a volunteer to coordinate


Team Party

  • Generally held the last week of the season
  • Identify a volunteer to coordinate if team is having a party