Lower Loudoun Little League uses a draft process each season to determine team rosters.  To aid in this, in the spring, players go through assessments to give managers an idea of player skill.  This helps lead to well balanced teams.


Player assessments will be held the week of 2/21 at Diamond Sports Training [http://www.diamondsportstraining.com].

Schedule is based on three factors:

  • player league age.  This is not the same as the player’s actual age.  To determine player’s league age, see age chart on registration page
  • requested division (Machine Pitch vs AA/AAA/Majors)
  • last name

Schedule shown below:

Tuesday 2/21

League Age 10 (Majors, AAA, AA only)
5:15 group 1 (Anderson through Kruse)
6:30 group 2 (Ku through Wilson)

League Age 11 (Majors, AAA, AA only)
5:15 group 1 (Alcala through MacNabb)
6:30 group 2 (Mahoney through Woodall)

Wed 2/22

League Age 8, 9 (MP only)
5:15 group 1 (Araujo through Jenkins)
6:30 group 2 (Klein through Yoon)

League Age 12 (Majors, AAA, AA only)
5:15 group 1 (Benton through Levine)
6:30 group 2 (Martin through Wulff)

Thurs 2/23

League Age 6, 7 (MP only)
5:15 group 1 (A through McIntosh)
6:30 group 2 (Messick through Z)

League Age 8, 9 (AAA, AA only)
5:15 group 1 (Abshire through McKinley)
6:30 group 2 (Medford through Woodson)

Sat 2/25

All players who have not yet attended assessments: 9am

Players only need to attend the Saturday session if they miss their session during the week.  Please make every attempt to make one of the weekday assessments to minimize Saturday assessments.

What to bring?

Please be sure your player is wearing sneakers, not cleats!

It is recommended to bring a glove, bat, and helmet.  If you do not have a bat/helmet, the player can borrow from DST.


We will need volunteers to help usher the players and work the signup desk.  To volunteer, please sign up here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0a44a5aa2ca13-lower1


There are no drafts / assessments for T-Ball players.


Assessments for Juniors teams will be held at DST on March 12, 2017 at 6 pm.

All players registered to play Juniors are placed on a team following this assessment and should make every effort to attend it. Team selections will follow the assessment and we expect practices to start later in March.

The Juniors teams will provide competitive baseball on the 90 foot field and continue to advance the players baseball knowledge and skills. In addition our Juniors play other teams throughout Loudoun County.

Players aspiring to try out for middle school or high school programs next year will benefit greatly by playing on the big fields at this level. If you have already registered to play Juniors in Lower Loudoun in the Spring you are set!

If you have not, registration for Juniors has been re-opened so that you can register at this time.


Please contact lowerloudounlittleleague@gmail.com with questions.