The spring season begins with registration, usually in November.  (For fall, registration begins in June)

As registration closes, the players will participate in an assessment, usually in February.  This information is used by the coaches during a draft to help level the teams.  (For fall, no assessments are held)

The player draft is performed by the coaches in late February or early March.  Following the draft, coaches reach out to players.  (For fall, player draft occurs in August)

Practices will start mid March.  Games will begin early April with a pause for Spring Break.  Games will run to the beginning of June.  End of season activities (all-star games, league championship, district tournaments) will continue on from there.  (For Fall, practices begin in August and games in September)

During the season, there are generally 2-3 events (games and/or practices) a week for a given team.  Generally 1-2 of these will be during the week (Monday through Thursday) plus one more on Saturday. During the week, practice/games generally start at 5:30pm or 6pm (sometimes later for the older kids). On Saturday, games/practices run all day.

Practices and games are held on fields in the Sterling area, including Sterling Middle School and Lowes Island.  The full list of fields can be found here.

I often get questions about which day of the week Monday through Thursday.   Unfortunately, there are too many variables to predict which day until players have been assigned to teams and schedules are made (mid March time frame).