LLLL has added TeamSnap to manage the league registration, website, and player communications.

I understand that some parents are having issues accessing TeamSnap: either 1) unable to logon or 2) able to logon but unable to see your team

The most common reason that I have seen so far deals with how you registered your player during registration.

When you registered, you used (or created) an account with a username. During the registration, you could also add additional emails (spouse, other family member).

Following team player drafts, your player (account) was added to the appropriate team in TeamSnap. Now, when you logon using the username (account) used during registration, you should be able to see your team.  If you have more than one team (more than one player, past seasons, etc), you will see the list like the example below

If you are able to logon but do not see any teams (or do not see your LLLL team for this season), the first thing to check is if you could be using a different account than the one you registered with (relevant help article).  If unsure, let me know.

Bonus: once you can access your account, you can add additional accounts (such as spouse or other family members) so they can logon, see your TeamSnap info.  See: Can I allow Additional Family Members to access my team account?

If you are still having trouble accessing your account, let me know.  Please include the player and username that you are using to access your account and describe the behavior (unable to logon vs able to logon but unable to see the team)