Sample Introductory E-mail


Subject Line: Welcome to the T-Ball “Team Name”


Hi Everyone, My name is __________________________ and I have the honor of coaching your children in T-Ball  this spring/fall season.  I am very much looking forward to providing a safe, fun, and overall positive experience to the kids and hope you will help in this endeavor.  T-Ball is very parent-participatory. Helping to coach is fun and a great workout…herding a bunch of kids is good cardio. Don’t be shy about athletic ability or experience.  I’ll help anyone who is interested in helping.


Team Volunteers, Equipment, Medical Form, Concussion Form


We (I) need assistant Coaches, so any and all MOMs and DADs interested, please let me know. If you are interested, please fill out the attached Volunteer Application form (it’s a background check – Lower Loudoun is made up of all volunteers, so everyone has to fill one out.). Once you have completed it, send it directly to Pat Ward (President) at and send me a note letting me know you have sent it. Thank you! At this level, we can’t have enough coaches/help. I appreciate your help in advance.


Shirts, hats, Trophies – (There is a lady that does the names and trophies for the league – every year : Barbara at Jo’s Trophies : 703.421.9442 / :


The league does provide a shirt and hat. I will pass them out once they arrive. The shirts will be handed out based on height (shortest to tallest), smallest number is 1.


There is a $10 fee for the kids’ names on the shirts and for a trophy at the end of the season. I’d like to collect this at the first practice. We will have a short ceremony, following our last or one of our last games, at the end of the season to pass out the trophies. This is a really good time for the kids.



As far as equipment, your child will need sweat pants or baseball pants (I recommend gray) and a glove. If you would like to purchase your own helmet or bat you are more than welcome to, but LLLL does provide helmets and bats for use. Cleats are optional at this level. A pair of older or dirty shoes works just as well.


Attached is also a medical form. This needs to be filled out by the 1st practice. This is for your child’s safety in case of an emergency. Your child is unable to participate without this. Please fill this out and bring it to our first practice.


Lastly, please reply to this email to let me know I’ve gotten hold of you, and let me know if there are any e-mail address you would like me to add for your family.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all at our first practice.  I will send out more information regarding the season as it becomes available.


Thank you,


Coach __________________