In past years, we have held very strict to the recommended age limits, and thus league age 6 would play in the T-Ball division.  Starting Spring of 2017, players that are league age 6 that have two seasons of T-Ball experience may choose to assess for the Machine Pitch (developmental) division.  To do this, register your player for T-ball and indicate in the comments the desire to assess for Machine Pitch.  All players that choose this option must attend the league player assessments.  During assessments, the player will assess with other Machine Pitch players.  During the draft, coaches will select players.  If the player is selected, then they will “play up” on the Machine Pitch team.  If the player is not ready for machine pitch and thus not selected, they will then continue to play at the T-Ball division level.

Clarification: players that are currently 6 years old, but league age 7 will play machine pitch.

Reference: League Age