Lower Loudoun Little League uses a draft process each season to determine team rosters.  To aid in this, in the Spring, players go through assessments to give managers an idea of player skill.  This helps lead to well balanced teams.

Please register to be a volunteer for assessments!


Player assessments will be held the week of 2/20.

Schedule is based upon two factors:

  • Player League Age: this is not the same as player’s actual age.  To determine player’s league ague, please see: What is League Age?
  • Last Name

The schedule below will be refined in the coming weeks to give more precision as to the time your player should report to assessments

Tues 2/20, 5:30-9:00pm

League Age 11, group 1 (last names A-H), 5:30pm

League Age 11, group 2 (last name I-Z), 6:15pm

League Age 12, group 1 (last names A-J), 7:00pm

League Age 12, group 2 (last names K-Z), , 7:45pm

Wed 2/21, 5:30-9:00

League Age 9, group 1 (last names A-M), 5:30pm

League Age 9, group 2 (last names N-Z), 6:15pm

League Age 10, group 1 (last names A-N), 7:00pm

League Age 10, group 2 (last names P-Z), 7:45pm

Thurs 2/22, 5:30-9:00

League Age 7, group 1 (last names A-L), 5:30pm

League Age 7, group 2 (last names M-Z), and League Age 6 that desire to “play up”, 6:15pm

League Age 8, group 1 (last names A-N), 7:00pm

League Age 8, group 2 (last names N-Z), 7:45pm

Saturday 2/24, 1pm

Make up session only.  If you need to utilize the makeup session, please let the player agent know.

Wednesday 3/7, 7pm

Juniors Assessments.


Player assessments will be held at Replay Sports, located at 21670 Red Rum Drive, Suite 113, Ashburn, VA 20147.  For long time LLLL members, note that this is a different location than past years.


Players will arrive at Replay Sports at the times based upon the schedule above.  Players will register at the check-in desk and be given a sticker with a number (their “assessment ID”).  The player will then get in a line in the lobby with their gear.

In small batches (5-10 players at a time), the players (with their gear) will be led by a volunteer into the facility.  The players will be first be assessed on their ability to field ground balls, throw, and catch.  Next, the player will be evaluated on their ability to bat against live pitching.

Due to Replay Sports policies, parents will not be allowed into facility beyond the lobby.  The lobby is much smaller than the one in DST, and will be crowed.  I understand that this will be inconvenient for parents.

What to bring?

Please make sure that your player wears sneakers.  NO CLEATS

Bring a glove, bat, and helmet.  If you do not have a bat/helmet, we will have some to borrow.

Little League has a new bat standard.  Non-approved (bats from last year) will not be allowed at assessments.  We will have approved bats to borrow at for assessments.

Note for managers

Managers: you may come to assessments to evaluate players to prepare for the draft.  You may choose when you would like to be present based upon the time frames listed in the schedule.

As described above, the logistics will be different this year in order to accommodate the new facility.  Players will come out in small batches, giving you the opportunity to first evaluate on fielding, throwing, and catching.  Next, you will see that batch of players hit.  After that, the next batch will come out.

If you are unable to make it to any particular assessment, you use the independent assessor’s information to prepare for the draft.

Please, managers only.  Do not send assistant coaches to assessments.


We will need volunteers to help with assessments, including:

  • Sign-in desk
  • Herders (help shuffle kids to the correct spot)
  • Independent assessors (evaluate the players)
  • Pitching coach (throw pitches to players)
  • Fielding coach (hit ground balls to players)

Please register to be a volunteer!


There are no drafts / assessments for T-Ball players


Tentative date 3/3, time and location TBD

Middle School Tryouts

Middle school tryouts will be held at Replay Sports on Friday 2/23 (see: Middle School Tryouts Spring 2018).  Please arrive 15 mins early to check-in.  

Please ensure that you have registered prior to coming to the tryouts.


Please contact the player agent for any questions.