FYI: the draft is only to be attended by the managers.  Players/parent do not attend the drafts.


 Smarr 6 teams: Ward, McKinley, Sirois, Salazar, Schultz, Noonan 2/27 (Tues), 6:30pm, Sterling Library
6 teams: Florkowski, Bell, Doyle, Blough, Light, Call
3/2 (Friday), 7:45pm, Jason’s house
 Ward 7 teams: Symonds, Bishop, Bedrowsky, Hamilton, Schlabach, McIntosh, Noonan 3/3 (Sat), 6:30pm, Jason’s house
 Ward 9 teams: Smeds, McMahon, Simpson, Demott, Hartman, Kolb, Tobin, Berry, Braddy 3/11 (Sun) 4:30pm, Jason’s house

Draft Rules

  • Draft based on Green Book “Methods for Existing Leagues”, Plan B “Redraft”, “Alternate Method for Plan B” (2018 Green Book, p172)
  • Because we do not keep manager positions between seasons, we will utilize random order (will draw random number slips of paper).
  • We will use serpentine / snake ordering
  • For managers’ kids, players will be auto drafted.  The Green Book specifies rule for Majors (2018 Green Book, p175), and this is extended for other divisions.
    • League Age
      12  3rd round
      11  4th round  3rd round
      10  5th round  4th round  3rd round
      9  5th round  4th round  3rd round
      8  5th round  4th round  3rd round
      7  5th round  4th round
  • There is no provision to assign coaches to teams before the draft.  There is no provision for a coach’s kid to be pre-assigned to teams.  See Green Book “Options on Sons, Daughters, and Siblings”, “Sons/Daughters of Coaches” (2018 Green Book p175).  Note that the prescribed waiver policy does not apply since LLLL does not keep teams between seasons.
  • Only managers, player agent, and a supervising board member should attend the draft.  Because there is no provision for selecting assistant coaches prior to the draft, assistant coaches should NOT attend the draft.
  • Siblings:
    • For Majors, LLLL follows Green Book “Options on Sons, Daughters, and Siblings”, “Brothers and Sisters in the Draft” (2018 Green Book p174).  Under this provision, once a player with a sibling is selected, the manager may exercise the option to declare that their next round pick will be for the sibling.  If the option is not exercise, then the sibling is available for any other manager to select.
    • For non-Majors, the intent is to keep siblings that are in the same division on the same team.  If the siblings are of similar skill, then the manager will use the next pick to select the sibling.  If it is determined that the siblings are not of similar skill, then pre-draft the managers / player agent shall discuss a fair option.
  • Player agent will supply a list of players for the draft pool, including the “must-picks” for majors
    • “must-pick” for majors includes players that are LA 12 and those that played majors the previous Spring season.  (Playing majors in the fall does not make a player “must-pick” for Spring)
    • Must pick rules for non-Majors will vary each year depending on enrollment.
  • Once the number of draft picks remaining equals the number of must-picks remaining, the rest of the selection will be for must-picks.  (2018 Green Book, p172)
  • Should a draft mistake occur (such as must-picks that didn’t get drafted because we made an oops), please be patient and remember that we do this for the kids, and lets seek a fair resolution.
  • For Spring 2018, the number of player per team (tentative, this may change):
    • Majors: 6 teams, 12 players per team
    • AAA: 6 teams, 11 players per team
    • AA: 7 teams, 12 players per team
    • MP (combined): 9 teams, 11 players per team (may have some teams with +/- 1)
  • T-Ball teams do not use draft and will be assigned by Player Agent