There are two way to check field status, one is for Lower Loudoun LL managed fields and LCPR Managed Fields.
For Lower Loudoun LL managed fields:
At the bottom of our home page,, is the “Rain Out Alerts icon (or click here) to sign up for text messages regarding status for Lower Loudoun’s fields:
  • Cobb
  • Foltz
  • Jack Jennings
  • Pioneer
For LCPR Managed Fields:
For all other fields, underneath the “Rain Out Alerts” icon is a link to the Loudoun County’s Rainout Line web site (or click here).  In the past, if you used the call-in number, please know that the call-in line is no longer available.  All county fields (schools, Claude Moore, etc.) have status reported either on this county web site OR through the Rainout Line app (both Android and iPhone).  It’s a free download, and I recommend it if your team will be using any county fields.