Once a league age 12 player has finished their Spring majors season, their Little League career is not over.

Lower Loudoun Little League offers multiple “big field” options.

For reference: through the Little League Majors division, the players have played on 60/46 fields (60′ between bases, 46′ from pitching rubber to home).  Baseball in Middle School, High School, College, and Pros is played on 90/60 (90′ between bases, 60’6″ from pitching rubber to home).

Juniors: targeted players league age 13 and 14.  This is played on 90/60 fields, and introduces leading from bases, pickoffs, etc.  The game is adjustment from the 60/46 due to the new rules and the larger field. Games are played against other leagues in the area.

Middle School: targets players in 7th and 8th grade.  This is chartered as a Seniors program.  Players are selected through tryouts.  This is played on 90/60 fields.  This is only offered in the Spring.  (more information on Middle School program)

Seniors: targets players league age 15 to 16 (in spring, schedule is coordinated to start after the high school season allowing for players to play both).  This is also played on a 90/60 field.  Games are played against other leagues in the area.

Intermediate: LLLL is investigating introducing an Intermediate program offering beginning Fall 2018.  This is a program to target players that have just finished their league age 12 Majors season that desire a gradual transition to the larger fields.  It is targeted to players league age 13 (and league age 12 in the Fall, league age 11 interested please reach out).  The games are played on 50/70 fields and use similar rules as the other big field programs.  Games are played against other leagues in the area.

See divisions for more information.

If interested in the Intermediate program, please register.  If you have questions on your options, please reach out.