Safety Essentials

Safety is everyone’s responsibility in the Lower Loudoun Little League (LLLL). Our goal as a league guided by properly trained volunteers, players, and parents is to provide a fun, safe environment for everyone involved. A proactive approach to safety which involves everyone requires minimal effort to create and sustain. The following provides an outline of what our various groups can do to promote a positive safety culture for LLLL.

Players: Our players are children who come to have fun. Getting hurt is not fun! By requiring players to wear protective gear (helmets, athletic supporters, protective cups recommended) we can create an environment which minimizes injuries common to youth sports such as being hit by a ball or contacted by another player. Each player is encouraged to review the LLLL Player Conduct Guide with their team and parents prior to each season.

Coaches and Parents: Without the dedicated commitment of this group, the league would not exist. By providing basic awareness training on topics such as such as first aid, house rules, and emergency procedures we ensure our coaches and parents are empowered to act promptly to avoid injuries and lessen the severity of injuries which may occur.

Umpires: Our trained cadre of volunteer umpires ensures we have games which are officiated fairly and safely. Like coaches and parents, they are dedicating their time and effort to help the youth of our community. Respect for our umpires is not only expected and deserved but required. Parents should teach their players to respect the decisions made by the umpire. Little League is not primarily about winning or losing but teaching sportsmanship and respect, and parents are expected to set the positive example when it comes to respecting our umpires. Umpires should always have safety as well as fairness in mind during their assignments.

For any and all Safety Issues and Concerns, please contact our LL Safety Officer, Jose Salazar.

Important Forms
For any questions, or form submission, please work with the LL Safety Officer.

What Parents should know about supplemental Little League Insurance:

Accident Claim Form:

Accident Claim Form Instructions:

Medical Release Form:

Concussion Guidelines:

Injury Tracking Form:

Required for every child.

Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct

2017 LLLL Safety Briefing

2019 Safety Plan

Concussion Training Information