The Xplosion Travel Program is designed for those Lower Loudoun athletes who, in addition to participating in the League’s regular spring and fall seasons, want to experience extra baseball in a more competitive environment. The Travel Program addresses the needs of those athletes who possess above average baseball skill, and provides an opportunity for them to play baseball at the highest level for their age group.

The seasons have a timeframe similar to the Little League season (Spring: April-June, Fall: Sept-October) with off-season practices.

Tryouts: Please reach out to the coach for the teams below if interested in trying out.


Rising 12u Black Xplosion (Born on or after 4/30/2011)

Manager: Bruce Berry (

Tryout: Thursday 06/08/2023 @ 6pm @ Jeff Cobb


Rising 12u Red Xplosion   (Born on or after 4/30/2011)

Manager: Kevin Kowalski (

Tryout: CMP3 - Wednesday, 11/08/23 @ 6PM

Rain Date: TBD


Rising 11u Xplosion (Born on or after 4/30/2012)

Manager: Adam Rabinowitz (

Tryout: Pioneer - Monday, 11/06/23 @ 6PM

Rain Date: Pioneer - Monday, 11/06/23 @ 6PM


Rising 10u Xplosion (Born on or after 4/30/2013)

Manager: Ryan Lumsden (

Tryouts:  Pioneer - Friday, 06/2/2023 @ 6PM

Rain Date: TBD


Rising 9u Xplosion (Born on or after 4/30/2014)

Manager: Chris Romanow ( )

Tryouts:  Jack Jennings - Friday 6/2/2023 @ 6pm


Rising 8u Xplosion (Born on or after 4/30/2015)

Manager: Craig Solensky ( )

Tryouts:  Jack Jennings - Sunday 6/4/2023 @ 1pm

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