Machine Pitch (developmental and rookie), Minors (AA and AAA), Majors, and Juniors, teams are selected based upon coach draft.

When registering, the player indicates that highest level that they desire to play.  Based on this, a draft pool is determined for the coach draft.  Players not selected will then be eligible for the next lower level of draft.  Please note, registering for a particular division does not guarantee that player will be drafted to play at that level.  Thus, please be sure to register your player for the highest level you will allow him to play based on defined eligibility.

Example: If a League Age 11 year old player is registered for Majors but is not selected by a coach in the majors draft, he will then enter the AAA draft.

For T-Ball, teams are formed by the player agent.  The player agent will attempt to honor requests, but please understand that not all requests will be able to be fulfilled.  If you would like to make a request, please contact the player agent with a title “T-Ball team assignment request for (player name)”.