Your team will be provided with: uniform (shirt), cap, bats, batting helmets, and catcher equipment.

Parents are to provide their player with:

  • pants / belt / socks (recommend grey pants, as they are easier to clean.  You can get a neutral colored belt / socks, or match to your team color)
  • cleats (model cleats, not metal; any sport cleats are acceptable)
  • baseball glove (see info on glove size)
  • athletic supporter
  • water bottle
  • bag (to carry glove, bat, helmet, etc)
  • bat (optional) (see note about new bat rules; info on bat size)
  • batting helmet (optional)
  • batting gloves (optional)

Look out for discount coupons for DSG.  Each season, LLLL receives coupons for players as well as a special discount day.