Due to the snow still on the ground, the rain predicted for tonight, and overall water-logged fields, our 2017 Spring Field Day isĀ POSTPONED untilĀ Saturday, March 25th beginning at 9:30 AM. We request as much participation from league parents and ballplayers that morning in order to salvage the afternoon schedule of practices at those affected fields (Cobb, Pioneer, Jennings and Foltz).
Practice schedule updates will flow from the Commissioners to the managers to parents as soon as possible.
With the exception of opening for the tee-ball clinic at Cobb on Monday night (3/20), Cobb, Pioneer, Jennings and Foltz will remain CLOSED for all baseball activities until at least 2 PM on Saturday, 3/25/17.
Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation.

Thanks, in advance for your help!

Eric Brown
Director of Fields
Lower Loudoun Little League