What is League Age? What is the correct division based on player age?

League Age, specified by Little League rules, is based on the player’s birthday, and may differ from their actual age.  For the 2021 season, the age chart is displayed below.

The division for which the player is eligible is based upon League Age.

In the Spring, Lower Loudoun Little League supports the following divisions:

  • T-ball 5 for players League Age 4-5
  • T-ball 6 for players League Age 6
  • Developmental Machine Pitch for players League Age 7-8
  • Rookie Machine Pitch for players League Age 8-9
  • AA for players League Age 8-10
  • AAA for players League Age 9-11
  • Majors for players League Age 10-12
  • Juniors for players League Age 13-14
  • Seniors for players League Age 14-16

Fall divisions

  • T-ball is for players League Age 5-6
  • Machine Pitch for players League Age 7-9
  • Minors for players League Age 8-11
  • Majors for players League Age 10-12
  • Juniors for players League Age 12-14
  • Seniors for players League Age 13-16

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Under special circumstances, a player may “play down” should it be determined that the player would present a safety risk by playing in their prescribed division.  This determination is made by the player agent in coordination with the independent assessor, past coaches, and parents.  If a player should play at a lower level, the player is restricted from pitching.

Note: when selecting the division for your player during registration, please select the highest level that you will allow for you child to play.  The player will be assigned a division based upon assessments and player draft.

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